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My Go-To Warm White Paint

Sherwin Williams Heron Plume (SW 6070)

Choosing a paint color can be a tedious task when there are so many different options to chose from--especially when you want to keep it simple and go for white. There are what seems like hundreds of different variations of white to choose from, and I will be giving you the information on my go-to warm white paint color below:

Many different design resources for consumers will refer to one particular white paint color that you will see absolutely everywhere (Pure White). However, the truth of the matter is that any white paint color with even a slight blue undertone will be incredibly hard to work with-- unless you have a completely modern home with cooler tones in your furnishings. If you do not have a brand-new modern home, then working with a cool-tone white can make your space feel drab and lackluster.

The way to offset the dreary look is by going for a warm-toned white paint color. Contrary to popular belief, a warmer white is how you achieve the “bright and airy” look. Cool-toned whites can look sterile, especially when not styled with the right colors.

SW 6070

My go-to warm white is Heron Plume by Sherwin William (SW 6070) because it gives the warm, cozy feeling without having a super yellow undertone that many warm white paint colors do. The neutral undertone makes styling the rest of the room so easy because it does not have a harsh undertone that clashes with opposite colors. The next time you are looking to repaint your home white, reach for Heron Plume, you will not be disappointed!

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