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Why You Should Focus on Curtains in Your Home Design

AYM Interiors | Custom Drapery
AYM Interiors | Custom Drapery

Window treatments play a pivotal role in transforming a space. Among all of the options available, curtains (or drapery) stands out as our go-to option. From aesthetic appeal to functional advantages, drapery offers a myriad of benefits that we just can't get enough of! Let’s talk about some of the reasons why we never miss out on an opportunity to incorporate drapery into our designs:

Adds Texture

Incorporating different textures in your space is the quickest way to add interest to any room. Different textures in upholstery, throw blankets/ pillows and drapery give variation in a space that the eyes and hands love! Not only does the fabric offer texture, but it also gives light and privacy control which make drapery so much more than an aesthetic addition. Drapery is a functional way to add visual interest to any room.

Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Curtain
AYM Interiors | Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Curtain

Draw the eye up

Drapery is a wonderful opportunity to add vertical variation to a room. When everything in a room is around the same height it is not a proper way to utilize your vertical space. We also add vertical variation to a room by adding floor lamps and trees as well. However, nothing quite sits as high as drapery in a standard room—making it the ultimate way to draw the eye upward and really open up your space.

Pulls a space together

My clients who have opted for roller shades or blinds often say “something’s missing in here” and the answer to that conundrum is always drapery. No shade to blinds (pun intended?), but nothing quite pulls a room together much like well-made drapery. With the texture, the functionality with light control and privacy, and the way it draws the eye upward, drapery is our no-brainer to get that “pulled-together” look.

Its timeless elegance and ability to transform a space make it a valuable addition to any room. Consider drapery as an investment that not only adds style but also provides numerous benefits for your comfort and well-being and it is why we think you should always focus on curtains in your home design.

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