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Why You Should Use Faux Plants in Your Interior Design

Same Earthy Feeling

Who said that your greens had to be real in order to give “earthy”? Even faux plants give the same grounded feeling that their real counterparts offer.


Not only do faux plants not require maintenance like watering and appropriate sunlight, they also do not grow and therefore do not need to be re-potted and replaced. That means if you have that perfect spot in your living room for that mini Ficus, you wont have to worry about replacing it when it outgrows it’s pot (or you forget to water it). When you buy a faux plant, you have it (at the same size) for the duration—which justifies the higher cost!

Adds Vertical Variation

When everything in a room is close to the same height (ie, sofas, chairs, tables) there is nothing out of place for the eye to be drawn to. Designing your space with faux trees can add visual interest and draw the eye up to make the space feel bigger.

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