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Why You Should Use Wallpaper in Your Home Design

Gucci Tiger Face Print Wallpaper with Visual Comfort Joni Sconce
Gucci Tiger Face Print Wallpaper

Wallpaper offers a plethora of benefits that can elevate any room's style and personality. In this blog post, we will explore some compelling reasons on why incorporating wallpaper into your interior design is a choice worth considering.


Unlike traditional paint, wallcoverings provide a unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and express your personality. Patterns on wallcoverings are typically not something that you can replicate with paint (at least not affordably!), so choosing a patterned wallcovering gives you more room to have fun with your space. From contemporary geometric designs to classic damasks, the vast range of options ensures that you can find a wallcovering that complements your overall design theme and becomes the focal point of your space.

Phillip Jefferies 3151 Braided Walls
Phillip Jefferies Coconut Shell

Texture, Texture, Texture The quickest way to creating a desirable ambiance is by incorporating different textures in upholstery, throw pillows, drapery and even wallcovering. Wallcoverings come in a wide array of textures such as grass cloth, linen, coco shell, and vinyl just to name a few. Adding a texture to the wall is often an overlooked opportunity to pull a room together through creating visual variety. When a room has very little variations in texture (think hospital room)—it can look very sterile and lack personality. Overall, with the combination of texture and pattern that wallpaper offer, there really is nothing like the quality that wallcoverings can add to a room. You can make a space uniquely your own by embracing a wallcovering in your home design, and inspire your creative process by exploring the many options that wallcoverings have to offer.

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